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I guess most people agree that any kind of documentary is also some kind of storytelling. So I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to the notion of the “objective” documentary film, which many people still insist is actually possible.

Going back to Nanook Of The North (Flaherty, 1922), the documentary has never been an objective representation of “truth”. Two obvious questions arise. Is such a thing possible? And would that really be the aesthetic, social, and political ideal for a documentary film?

In recent years, debates about the Michael Moore and Al Gore films have highlighted this issue. For Norwegian readers, here’s a recent piece by a colleague of mine, regarding a conflict between a documentary filmmaker and the NRK network. I’m fond of the professor’s focus on the difference between “documentary” and “documentation”.

LOST in space and time

I recently had an opportunity to ponder the merits of LOST, one of my fave TV series of recent years, when I reviewed it for Planet Origo. The final season got a lot of flak this year, and there are some very interesting questions about plotting and character development buried somewhere in those discussions.

Trust LOST to go out on one final “5 pints of debating down the pub”… I don’t know if I’d get much support for my view, but here it is.

Rubicon: Not every conspiracy is a theory

“They were always afraid that the Roman army would someday take over, which is exactly what happened. And that’s when the republic ended and the empire—which is a dictatorship—began.”
– Executive producer, Henry Bromell

“National Security is the chief cause of national insecurity.”
– Celine’s First Law.

BBC´s The Cutting Edge


New show filmed entirely with DSLRs

This fall will see the opening of the first major Norwegian production filmed entirely with Canon DSLRs. The show is titled Dag, and the first teaser trailer is worth checking out:

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