Well, I agree with most of this. Check out IGN’s short and sweet review of the 14-film Pixar catalog!

I personally agree completely that the Cars films are the least engaging of Pixar’s output. And making distinctions between the rest of them is a little difficult. I’d put Monsters Inc. way ahead of Ratatouille myself, but it’s interesting to note which film the good folks at IGN rate as the best ever Pixar feature when they get to the very top of their list. Click the link below to find out!

This statement sums up Pixar pretty well, I think:

“And all WALL-E wanted to do was hold someone else’s hand like he’d seen in the musical Hello, Dolly. Post-trashocalyptic world be damned!  Oh, and the villain of the piece? Our heinously corrupted, yet inevitable, future as gluttonous consumers. Talk about a dark backdrop.”

WALL-E climbs near the top of the list, but which feature wins?

Check it out right here!